Holiday Standing Rib Roast & Beef Tenderloin Pre Order Time Is Here!

Holiday Pre Order is here!

$19.99/lb Rib roasts

$20.99/lb Tenderloins

Orders must be in by Thursday December 22nd!

Stop in or call 871-1446 to place your order.

Get your pre order in today for your standing rib roast or beef tenderloin, both holiday favorites!

Whether you are cooking for family or friends, let us provide you with a special roast for your table. The rib roasts and tenderloins we are offering this year come from cows that havegrazed on sweet grass for the first 16-18 months of their lives and then are slowly finished for the next 150 days on a diet of toasted barley, alfalfa, hay, and corn. When the time has come, to eliminate any stressful conditions, instead of driving the cows to be processed, they are walked across the road to a nearby facility. The cows are kept warm during the winter with heaters, and misted during the summers to help keep them cool. This attention to detail in thehusbandry of the animals ensures the mosttender and flavorful product. The cut off day for orders will be Thursday December 22nd, so speak to anyone in the Larder today to ensure that you have the best quality beef for your holiday celebration!

Happy Holidays!